The Irrigation Specialist now offers trenching, pipe pulling and cable installation services.


With my new tracked Barreto trencher I can easily navigate most terrain and successfully Trench a 3.5" wide trench up to 30 inches deep. This machine will rip through large roots and pull up rocks fairly easily.
The ground must be fairly dry. If the soil is to wet, a mess is what we get! 
Rate = 75 cents a foot plus travel time of $1 per minute
Minimum charge of $200
Pipe Pulling
I have also purchased a 100SX Ditch Witch Vibratory Plow.
This plow allows me to plow in pipe up to 1" in size and it only leaves a small scar which heals very quickly. No trench, no back filling, no mess. I can pull in up to 150 feet at a time, and the machine allows for gentle turns as well. It can go through small roots,  but lots of trees and/or rocks are not a good thing for this piece of equipment. 
In one day this season I pulled in 3500 feet of 1" poly pipe, with absolutely no clean up afterwards. Its a great tool to have!
Cable Drop
I also purchased the cable drop blade and attachment for the 100SX Ditch Witch. This blade allows me to drop in wire up to 15" deep. Wire sizes max out at 6 gauge single strand, 12 gauge double strand, 18 gauge Multi-strand, or 4 single #14 gauge wires. It does NOT pull the wire, it opens up a small slit in the ground and drops the wire into it. Again, no mess, no cleanup no worries!
Recently I dropped in 1500 feet of high end irrigation system shielded communications wire at Lakeside Golf Club......without stopping and at a depth of 12".  
Rate - 60 Cents a foot plus travel time of $1 per minute
Minimum charge of $200
Pipe and wire is extra of course.

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