Submersible Pump Filters - 4"


These Sure-Flo Submersible Pump Strainers go on the end of the flow induction sleeve or cooling sleeve of the pump.

They come in sizes that fit PVC flow sleeves that are 4", 6" and 8".

The strainers are made from epoxy coated perforated aluminum with stainless steel hardware. They will last, and if they do wear out, repair parts are available.

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The cooling sleeve does just that, it cools the motor by forcing water to flow along the length of the pump motor before entering the pump itself. These strainers or filters can be attached at the end of this cooling sleeve to prevent debris from entering the pump.

The screens that are used in submersible pumps are very small. Using these Sure-Flo strainers can increase the surface area, screen wise, by up to 200% more than what the pump comes with. Because of this much larger surface area, these strainers rarely plug up, in fact, here in Canada where irrigation pumps are normally only used for 5-6 months a year, we have never seen one plug up. 

The hole size in these strainers are 0.075", which is smaller than what most pumps have on them as a screen. This ensures that whatever gets through this strainer, will go through the pump impellers without a problem!

The benefits of have this strainer in a dirty water environment can be huge. 

1. Prevents the frequent need to pull up the pump and clean the small intake screen.

2. Prevents damage by not allowing the very small pump screen to plug up and break or cave in, which allows debris to enter the pump itself or cause the motor to overheat due to little or no water flow through the pump.

3. Keeps fish and other aquatic life out of your pump.

4. Only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year. 

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