Siphonator - Hand Pump

$50.00 $65.00

This hand pump is a must for any irrigation service technician, plumber, or anyone who needs to suck water out of something! 

It will suck up sand and small bits of gravel and other debris without an issue. The thing I use it for most is when repairing busted connections under sprinkler heads. Rather than turning the water on to flush out debris filled fittings or sprinkler bodies, just place the end of the Siphonator over the opening, pull up the handle and it will suck out water, dirt, mud, leaves and anything else that is in the fitting or piping.

I have designed it so it can be repaired if anything gets in a destroys the suction device. The suction device itself can be replaced for $20 which avoids the need to buy a whole new unit. 

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