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Hunter PLD Drip Fittings - 3/8" Valve


Hunter PLD applies water slowly and evenly for consistent distribution. Water soaks in gradually, easily reaching its intended goal. What sets Hunter PLD apart is its pressure compensation system with a built-in check valve that helps prevent emitter clogging and water loss, as well as ensuring even flows on all terrains and lateral lengths. From an installation standpoint, it’s flexible, kink and UV resistant. Whether it’s a flowerbed, a shrub bunch, or other creative landscape configurations, Hunter’s PLD provides a reliable, efficient solution every day. 

  • In-line pressure-compensating emitters provide consistent high-quality performance

  • No Clamps Required, just push on
  • Built-in check valve prevents emitter clogging and wasteful runoff

  • Emitter check height of 5’

  • Available emitter spacing of 12"

  • Emitter flow rates available in 0.4

  • Comes in 25 foot increments or 250 foot rolls

  • Superior flexibility and kink resistance

  • Works with Drip Zone Control Kits

  • Warranty period: 5 years (2 additional years for environmental stress cracking)

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